About Cornhusker Bridge




Cornhusker Bridge is part of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL).  ACBL is the largest Bridge organization in the world promoting the game of Duplicate Bridge.  It has over 160,000 members.  The Cornhusker Bridge Unit is one of hundreds of local organizations within the ACBL.  There are 25 geographic Districts in ACBL.  The Cornhusker Bridge Unit is one of nine Units in District 14 which includes North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska.  Cornhusker Bridge has 460 members in the Omaha Metropolitan Area.


Where to Play


Bridge players can find a game in Omaha almost any day of the week.  There are four Bridge Clubs in Omaha.  The largest, the Omaha Bridge Studio, is located in the Brother Sebastian's strip mall at 119th and Pacific.  The Omaha Bridge Studio is the second largest club in District 14.  The House of Cards in the Center Mall at 42nd and Center, is the fifth largest club in District 14.  The Friendly 16 Club is one of the oldest continuously operating bridge clubs in the country; they meet weekly at the Center Mall. The Offutt/Richmont Club meets weekly at Richmont Village in Bellevue.  Contact information and game schedules are available on this site.


A typical game of 24 boards will take about three and a half hours.  There is a fee, of course, to cover the expense of the room and the director’s pay.  The clubs in Omaha charge $7.00 per game.  It is highly recommended that players reserve a spot with the Director.  Most Directors will fit an unexpected pair into the game but it requires some last-minute scrambling.


There are open games, in which everyone can play, and games for newcomers and intermediate players.  The Omaha Bridge Studio has a game for players with less than 100 points on Wednesday at 6:30 pm.  The Studio has a game for players with less than 300 points on Monday at 12:30 pm.  The House of Cards has a game for non-Life Masters at 6:00 pm on Monday.  A list of games is available on this site.


Learning Bridge


Lessons are available.  A structured, formal Bridge class is offered to new players.  The eight-week class covers bidding, hand evaluation, and playing techniques.  Free lessons are regularly available at local clubs prior to some games.  There is a Newcomers game at the Omaha Bridge Studio on Friday mornings at 9:00.  Another “Party Bridge” game is held at the House of Cards at Friday noon.  The games are very social, newcomers can enjoy socializing while learning Bridge.