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Marilyn Hemenway's pamphlets and articles written for either ACBL or our Unit. Some of these haven't been published yet. Available here in pdf format.

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Leading, Signaling, and Discarding , Parts I-XIII
Things You Might Like to Know About Duplicate Bridge
The Many Faces of Duplicate Bridge
Hand Analysis
Bridge Etiquette and Rules (for duplicate bridge players)
Bracketed Knock Out Teams
Basketball and Bridge
Opening Leads
Some Little Known Bridgisms
The Law Wins - A Brief Look at the Law of Total Tricks
Grand National Teams (GNT) and North American Pairs (NAP)
Unauthorized Information at the Bridge Table
Reverses by the Opening Bidder
Book Review (Terrence Reese's books)
A Tale of Stiff Kings
Nebraska Regional Tournament
Upside Down Count and Attitude (UDCA)
Keeping Your Sense of Humor
Thursday Morning Bridge
Post Tourney Blues
The Bath Coup
Victim, Idiot, or What??
Stratified Games
Women in the Bridge World
Looking for 7 Matchpoints
Weak No Trumps
Senior Swiss Teams
Reminiscence of a National Championship
Principles of Bridge
He Who Hesitates
Crocodile Coup
Deschapelles Coup
Many Faces of Duplicate Bridge (a bit different than the one above)
Merrimac Coup
Morton's Fork Coup
Redouble is a "Macho" Thing?
Trump Leads
What Could I Have Done?
Top Ten Worst Habits at the Bridge Table
Who Knows What the Card Holder Sees?
50 Ways to Lose Your Partner
What is this Game of Bridge?
Exclusion Roman Key Card Blackwood
My Guidelines for Better Bridge
Duck Duck Goose!
What Ever Happened to Penalty Doubles?
When the Opponents Interfere in Slam Bidding
Colorful Bridge Slang
Various "Rules" of Bridge
Odd Even Discards
There's No Crying in Bridge